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Welcome to jjFOX Careers

"Welcome to jjFOX. We have designed these pages as an introduction to our business. We hope they give you an idea of what it is like to work here. While we believe they give a fair reflection, we would encourage you speak to us directly as we focus on individual attributes rather than just what it says on your C.V."

Adam Smith, jjFOX.

jjFOX is a highly successful business that relies entirely on the growth of its own talented people. It is for this reason that it places such an emphasis on its recruitment and training of staff.

The strength of this approach was highlighted when jjFOX was placed fourth by Virgin in the Sunday Times Fastest Growing Companies 2008. Since then jjFOX has continued to grow on the same principals of building and developing its own management from the trainees it recruits.

In doing this every employee knows that they will be given the opportunity to grow a team through their own successes.