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3 reasons you should work with a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies have often been thought of as an expensive way of finding new staff. But here are 3 reasons why you should work with a recruitment agency like jjFOX:

July 28, 2020

Time = Money

Recruiting a new teacher can be a time-consuming task. Not only do you need to pull together a comprehensive job description, you also need to advertise the role, sift through all the unsuitable candidates and interview all the possible candidates.

The time it takes you to do all of this, is time away from your main responsibilities. With a recruitment agency, your recruitment consultant will discuss your requirements with you, as well as the values of the institute in which the candidate will be placed. They’ll then pull together key candidates based on their skills and qualifications. They’ll quiz any possible candidates to make sure that only the very best candidates are put in front of you, meaning you can focus on what you do best.

It’s also worth considering the importance of hiring the right person, first time. If you hire the wrong person, you will be faced with additional costs of finding the right person to replace them. With an agency’s expert knowledge of the sector and a great understanding of the needs of your institute, you are more likely to hire the right person.

Access to a network of qualified candidates

The most common place to advertise a teaching job is on relevant job board websites. There are so many job boards now available on the internet these days, it can be very difficult to know which ones will get you in front of the best candidates. Will your advert truly stand out from your competitors? An agency like jjFOX will go in to the market place and be proactive; We are able to speak to our existing candidate base or even approach new candidates and discuss your role with them. We can tell the prospective candidate why your role is a good fit for them, and also why you are a good place to work.

Our consultants spend a lot of time networking with teachers and assessors across the UK. We often continue to work with candidates as they progress through their career. This means that we’ll be able to connect you with some of the most suitable candidates.

Vetting and screening

With any job that requires people to work with children, safeguarding is paramount. As a school hiring a new teacher, you can either run the checks yourself (which takes time), or outsource it to a 3rd party provider (which can be expensive). jjFOX take the headache of vetting candidates away with our expert and dedicated compliance team. We complete a robust vetting and screening process and keep you informed of the status of our checks throughout. We also recognise that you may require specific checks in line with your own policies and can tailor our approach to carry out any additional checks that you need, to ensure that all your requirements are met.


Whilst there is a cost associated with using a specialist agency, the time saved, and the quality of candidates you’ll gain access to, far outweigh the cost. If you work with an agency like jjFOX, you should see value for money in your spend.

If you’d like to speak to a specialist consultant about your institute’s recruitment needs. Get in touch today!