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5 tips for teaching online

Have you recently found yourself having to get used to teaching online? Many teachers (particularly in the FE space) are having to adapt their lessons to a digital environment. So, we’ve compiled 5 tips to make your online class a success!

November 05, 2020

Get a good set up

You may not be the most tech-savvy teacher or you’ve already tried your hand at teaching online and it didn’t work so well, don’t worry! Everybody runs into some tech difficulty every now and then; don’t be afraid to ask for help from your IT department or a colleague/friend who seems to particularly clued up at teaching online. 

Plan your classes

Planning your classes beforehand will enable you and your students to make sure that you are making the most of the time that you have together. Setting a plan will not only give your students structure but will allow you to see what areas you may (or may not) need to include to get all of the information across. 

Use resources

It’s useful for students if you provide open access resources that they can refer back to, allowing them to refresh their memory. There are already masses of resources out there so there’s no need to create any from scratch. Look on trusted websites for content or repurpose resources you already have. 

Always record your lessons

Another thing to think about is recording your lessons. Some students may be absent, struggle with Internet access or may simply want to go through the lesson again for revision purposes. It’s good to record your lessons so students who were away can download them at a later date and catch up with any missed work.

Keep in touch

Keeping in touch with your students regularly via e-mail, video messages or commenting on shared documents etc. will show your students your commitment to their learning and hopefully give them that boost to keep persevering even in this strange time. 


Use these tips and remember, online teaching may be daunting at first but keep persevering. This is a new opportunity for you and your students to open doors and create innovative learning experiences.



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