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What to do after you’ve got your PGCE

It’s time to think about finding your first teaching job and there’s lots to consider when applying for this first teaching position. You need to discover where to find teaching jobs and the right school for you, how to apply, and prepare for those all-important job interviews.

March 02, 2021

Where to find teaching jobs

There are a number of places to start your job search, they include:

  • “Teaching Vacancies” which is a free job listing service from the Department for Education
  • Direct applications to schools
  • Local authorities
  • Newspapers and online
  • Teacher recruitment agencies

How to find the right school for you

Start looking early and before you begin applying, think about what’s important to you, whether that be the site, the size, the catchment area or the ethos of the school. Arrange to visit the schools you’ll be interviewing at, you’ll want to get a feel for the school to be certain it fits your preferences. Take time to read recent Ofsted reports – consider if you have the skills to assist in areas which are needing improvement

Applying for teaching jobs

Peak time for schools to advertise is February through to June, however jobs may appear throughout the year. It’s advised to get your application in as soon as possible after seeing the advert as the selection process can be completed very quickly. Try to be as specific as possible when completing the application form – tell them what you’ve done, give clear examples and focus on your successes. Include a personal statement with your application to show how and why you teach and who you are as a person. Remember to tailor your statement to the school you’re applying to. Finally, you may need to submit a teaching CV in which you can highlight the qualifications and experience you’ve gained in a clear, easy to read and well-structured way.

Job interviews

Then comes the job interview – if you’ve been invited for an interview, the school clearly see you as a strong candidate. There are a number of activities you may be asked to complete as part of the interview, such as:

  • Tour or interview with pupils in the school – the school want to see how you relate to pupils
  • An assessment centre – which could consist of group discussions or exercises, written tests, a panel or one-to-one interview, or teaching or planning a lesson

The key here is to ensure you’re fully prepared in regards to your experience, your application, and personal statement, up to date with any current educational issues, familiar with the national curriculum and have planned answers to typical teaching interview questions.

This may all seem daunting, but remember as a new teacher you have a lot to offer; new ideas, new perspectives, you’ll be up to date with recent innovation, and have bags of fresh energy!


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