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Why becoming a teacher of your trade could be your next career move

Are you an expert in your field? Are you looking to develop your career further? Have you considered teaching the next generation in your profession?

July 28, 2020

Whether you’re a talented hairdresser or skilled plumber, the Further Education (FE) sector is always looking for experts in their field to teach.

There are many positives to working within FE. Here are just a few reasons why teaching may suit you:

Flexible working hours 

A lot of teaching opportunities within FE can offer flexible working hours. This can suit people who don’t want to move completely away from their day job or are looking for a change in pace for their career.

If you’re a sole trader, teaching within FE can offer a steady source of income. You can dedicate a day or a couple of days a week to teaching and use the rest of your time to cater for your customers.

Temp contracts

Once you’re trained to be a teacher or assessor, you can pick and choose contracts to suit you. Perhaps you have quiet periods in your current job; Teaching can fill the gaps in those quieter periods. Temp contracts can also mean that you can flit in and out of teaching when it suits you.

Career progression

There are a number of career development opportunities if you decide to move into education full time. In fact, some people move into teaching because they would like the opportunity to progress their career. Further Education has a strong hierarchical structure which can offer career progression in the form of management and leadership roles that you can work towards. Roles include Head of Department and Head of Subject.


Working within education is not only a rewarding profession, it can also offer a range benefits including generous holiday allowance and access to college facilities.


To teach in further education, you're usually required to complete at least a Level 3 Award in Education and Training. There are many training providers across the UK that provide both online and classroom-based courses. Why not check out the education and training courses provided by our training partner, Education UK.